NEJM Case Studies in Social Medicine Series

  1. Case Studies in Social Medicine — Attending to Structural Forces in Clinical Practice. Stonington Et al., November 2018
  2. The Power and Limits of Classification — A 32-Year-Old Man with Abdominal Pain. Stoumsa et al., May 2019
    1. ARITCLE
    2. PODCAST
  3. The structural violence of Hyperincarceration — A 44 year old man with back pain. Karandinos and Bourgois January 2019
  4. Structural Racism — A 60 yo black woman with breast cancer. Pallok et al., April 2019
  5. Structural Differential – A 32 year old man with persistent wrist pain. Seymour et al. May 2019
  6. Structural Iatrogenesis – A 43 year old man with “opioid misuse”. February 2019
  7. Misrecognition and Critical Consciousness — An 18-Month-Old Boy with Pneumonia and Chronic Malnutrition

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