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October Multi-Disciplinary Opioid Use Disorder Discussion


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  1. ANT4495/4930 Research in Patient-Physician Interactions, Faculty/Creator 
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  • Physician-Patient Interaction. I co-designed and now co-teach this course with a medical anthropologist, Roberta Baer. Undergraduate honors college students planning careers in medicine conduct qualitative and quantitative research on patient experiences using anthropological methodology in an urban emergency department focusing on patient shadowing and the patient experience while also completing physician shadowing and research requirements  
  • Taught January – May 2016, January – May 2017, January – May 2018, January – May 2019, August – December 2019. 
AnthroAlert Podcast discussing Patient-Physician Interaction Course, Watch on YouTube or listen to podcast audio
  1. IDH 4490 Research Methods in Medical Anthropology and Clinical Research 
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  • Designed course and proposed to USF Honors College. Approved for initial offering August 2018. Students will develop training in research methods necessary to complete an honors thesis in medicine.  
  • Taught August – December 2019, January 2020 – May 2020 
  1. MDR8710. Research in Emergency Medicine (MS4, MS3)
  2. Summer Research Symposium 
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  • Designed course and fund students for summer research utilizing TEAMHealth funds generated from clinical research at Tampa General Hospital.  
  • May 2015-August 2015, May 2017 – August 2017, May 2018-August 2018, May 2019 – August 2019 
  • Students obtain research certification and human subjects training, are paired with a physician resident mentor, design a project and present a poster on initial findings at FCEP Symposium by the Sea in August of the same year.  
  1. Venous Thromboembolism Preceptorship, Faculty/Creator 
  • Course, curriculum, content design, lead speaker and moderator, faculty selection. 24 pharmaceutical representatives at Tampa General Hospital for all day workshops and instructional sessions (June 2016). External grant support from Pfizer, Inc. ($19,800) 
  1. Joint Critical Care/Emergency Medicine Conference, Faculty/Creator 
  • USF EM/Tampa General Hospital (September 2015 – Present) 
  • Lead faculty, course design, implementation and operation 
  • Conference occurs every other month at Tampa General Hospital 
  • EM joint conference with rotating group of critical care services including stroke, cardiology and pulmonology/anesthesiology critical care 
  • Goal of conference is to use case presentation format as vehicle to develop best practices that decrease variation in treatment strategies for the sickest patients. 
  1. Emergency Medicine Journal Club, Faculty 
  • I designed a novel Journal Club format that stimulates increased engagement and application to clinical practice. Each month, one faculty member acts as theme editor and selects three articles. EM PGY-1s present the articles then PGY-2s and PGY-3s lead a question-and-answer section with the guest faculty editor and myself regarding the articles with the goal of driving appropriate changes in clinical practice or further research questions (Initiated 2016). Previously, I selected 27 articles each year and, in small groups, residents led discussion of those articles. (2011 – Present) 

Emergency Medicine Written Board Review Course

  • Florida College of Emergency Physicians, Orlando Florida 2015-2017.  
  • Co-Director with Adrian Tyndall 2017: Responsible for creating content to assist emergency medicine residence graduates to prepare for the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) written examination and for experienced physicians requiring recertification 
  • Instructor 2015-2017: Content area includes HEENT: Ear, nose, throat (ENT) as well as ophthalmological emergencies. 

My Lectures

  1. Lakeland Regional Hospital 
  • Inaugural Emergency Medicine Speaker, ED Grand Rounds 
  • Front and Center, Emergency Medicine’s Role in the Ongoing Opioid Epidemic, October 21, 2020 
  1. Symposium by the Sea 
  • Socially Situating Covid-19. Featured Lecture, August 2020. 
  1. Roy H. Behnke Grand Round Lecture Series 
  • Co-locating HCV and Injection Opioid Use, Department of Internal Medicine, Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida, August 8, 2019 
  • Clinical Research, Department of Internal Medicine, Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida, September 2016 
  1. University of South Florida, Physician Assistant Program 
  • Designed and Delivered 3 Hour Set of Lectures on Hematology and Oncology (February 2018, February 2019) 
  • Designed and Delivered 3 Hour Set of Lectures on Trauma (February 2018, February 2019) 
  • Designed and Delivered 3 Hour Set of Lectures on Infectious Disease (February 2018) 
  1. Syncope and Collapse in the Patient Under 40 
  • Symposium by the Sea. Florida College of Emergency Physicians. Boca Raton, Florida (August 2017) 
  1. Uses and Updates in Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation 
  • Symposium by the Sea. Florida College of Emergency Physicians. Boca Raton, Florida, (August 2017) 
  1. On a blood thinner and bleeding? Now what? 
  • Symposium by the Sea. Florida College of Emergency Physicians. Naples, Florida (August 2016) 
  1. Sepsis in the Geriatric Patient 
  • NICHE Spring Gerontology Conference, Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (May 2016) 
  1. Emergency Ophthalmology 
  • Florida College of Emergency Physicians Written Board Review Course (August 2015 and August 2016) 
  1. Don’t Lose Sight of these Ophtho Emergencies 
  • Symposium by the Sea. Florida College of Emergency Physicians (August 2014) 
  1. The Emergency Eye Exam 
  • A hands-on session reviewing slit lamp, foreign body removal, and tonometry. 
  1. Lead Instructor. Florida College of Emergency Physicians. Symposium by the Sea (August 2014) 
  1. Lead Instructor. Society for Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants. SEMPA (May 2015) 
  1. Assistant Instructor. American College of Emergency Physicians. Scientific Assembly (October 2013) 
  1. How can we refine our approaches to better personalize patient care in Community Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia?  
  • Medical Crossfire CME Program. Faculty, November 30, 2020.  
  1. University at Sea (CME Cruise Organization) 
  • CME Course Faculty 
  • South America Cruise, February 2017. Western Caribbean Cruise, November 2017, Alaska Cruise May 2018, Caribbean Cruise August 2018, Western Caribbean, March 2019, Europe August 2019, Upcoming Hawaii April 2020 
  • Created and Deliver 7-14 hours of CME approved EM content on each cruise including: 
  • Key Concepts in Emergency Neurology: Stroke, Concussion, and Movement Disorders 
  • Oncologic Emergencies  
  • Ophthalmologic and Otolaryngological Emergencies  
  • Gynecological Emergencies in the Non-Pregnant Female 
  • Bacterial Infections: Current Management of Meningitis, Pneumonia, Cellulitis and other Common Infection 
  • Zoonotic Infections: Emerging and Classic Viral and Bacterial Pathogens 
  • Electronic Resources, #FOAM, and other practice changing uses of technology 
  • HIV in the ED 
  • Common Musculoskeletal Complaints in the ED 
  • Low Risk Chest Pain 
  • Lifelong Learning Skills. Techniques and tools for Appraising Medical Literature 
  • Current Sepsis Management in the ED 
  • Thrombotic Disease: ED management of DVT and PE  
  • Anticoagulation and Bleeding Disasters: VKAs, NOACs, Reversal Agents and Hemostatic Agents 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussions, Mild TBI, Moderate TBI, Intracranial Bleeds).
  • Fluids and Electrolytes 
  • Venous Thromboembolism 
  • Bleed Management 
  •  Zoonotic Infections and Environmental Exposures 
  • EBM and the Lifelong Learner 
  • Updates on patient quality, experience, safety and satisfaction 
  1. Physician Advocacy 
  • TEAMHealth Podcast. Interviewed by Tracy Sanson, MD (May 2013) 
  1. Emergency Medicine and Health Care Reform 
  • Regional Medical Directors Meeting. TEAMHealth Southeast (THSE). Tampa, Florida (October 2010)