USF EM Grand Rounds Group Project Research Day 3/21/18 9-12

Wednesday March 21, 2018 is Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds Research Day! 



Should the current D-Dimer cut off (500 ng/mL) be adjusted by trimester for pregnant patients? 


What are the current patterns of naloxone utilization?


ThomasCrit Care

Does one episode of hypotension predict increased mortality during the hospital course?


Do prehospital agencies utilize chemical restraint compared to physical restraints at similar rates to Emergency Medicine Physicians?

Orban/Zachariah Health Care Policy
Lauren CassellFranklin Poff

Byron Markel

Zain Tariq

Kristin Schumann

Maram Bishawi

Adam Barnathan

Jibran KhanJack McGeachy

Austen CHristen

NIta AvrithDarbi Cox

Eric Shamas

Clay Ritchey

Dan Ryczek

Andrew Smith

Kyle FriezStephanie Tershakovec

Megan Tyler

Alicia Nassar

Jacob Stritch

Christian JeannotMike Butterfield

Matt Beattie

Diego Riveros

Will Pearce

Dominic DiDomenico

Jeff Hoida

Josiah Hill

Zach Terwilliger

Guidelines for Designing a Clinical Study Protocol

Retrospective Chart Review Protocol

Chart Review Study Protocol Template

Author: Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP

Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP is an emergency physician, academic healthcare leader and medical anthropologist with an interest in developing patient-centered pathways that are medically efficacious but also consider the role of structural and cultural forces in determining health inequities and disparities.