USF Clinical Medical Anthropology and Social Medicine at SfAA 2023

Megan Sarmento (PhD student) and Ana Gutierrez have an on-demand poster that discusses our collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches at the needle exchange. 

Emily Holbrook (PhD candidate) will serve as chair (!) for a panel regarding reproductive health and work on resettled refugee women. 

Heather Henderson, PhD and Jason Wilson, MD (PhD Candidate) will serve as co-chair on a panel with Bernice McCoy, PhD and Roberta Baer, PhD regarding our use of anthropology in clinical spaces to create structurally informed pathways. 

Great work everyone!

For residents, medical students and grad students on this message – we always welcome your involvement in Social EM. Please just reach out! 

Author: Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP

Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP is an emergency physician, academic healthcare leader and medical anthropologist with an interest in developing patient-centered pathways that are medically efficacious but also consider the role of structural and cultural forces in determining health inequities and disparities.