Symposium by the Sea 2022

Above, PGY-2 Resident Physicians Daniel Mbom (L) and Lorena Martinez (R) take a break after the CPC.
USF Emergency Medicine and USF Morsani College of Medicine Medical Students Well Represented at Symposium by the Sea Research Session 2022
Symposium by the Sea took place in Bonita Springs from August 4-6, 2022. USF was well represented at the conference. Faculty members Enola Okonkwo, MD, David Orban, MD, Jim Gillen, MD, and Jason Wilson, MD all attended. Residents Vincent Coster, MD, PGY-3, Courtland Samuels, MD, PGY-3, Alex Breslin, MD, PGY-3, Lorena Martinez, MD, PGY-2, and Daniel Mbom, MD, PGY-2 were all in attendance and most presented posters or participated in competitions. Medical students from the EM Summer Research Symposium (many sponsored by RISE and SELECT programs at USF) presented posters and included Claire Dalby, MS2, Jack Jimenez, MS2, Andre Elder, MS2, Ayesha Anwar, MS2, Thomas Shen, MS2, Theo Sher, MS2, and Jay Shah, MS2. Thanks so much to Emily Holbrook, MA for helping to run the summer session!Dr. Orban participated in numerous past-president functions while Dr. Wilson served as the Research Session Chair and Dr. Okonkwo made sure our residents were prepared for the Case Presentation Competition (CPC) while also helping student Claire Dalby, MS2 (along with Naveen Perisetla, MS2 and Christopher Popiolek, MS2) and a team of residents (Courland Samuels, MD; Alex Breslin, MD; Autumn Bass, DO) present their award winning poster evaluating arrhythmias after ED discharge using an ambulatory cardiac monitoring device.The arrhythmia project has taken teamwork and coordination to pull off a novel pathway that improves patient care. The poster deserved an award and the work will likely garner many future awards!
USF Medical Students at Symposium by the Sea. Claire Dalby, Ayesha Anwar, Jack Jimenez, Jay Shah, Theo Sher, Andre Elder. Not shown but also presenting was Thomas Shen.
Dr. Wilson served as the Research Chair. The conference featured a total of 6 case reports and 21 research posters. 1 fellow presented a case report and 5 were by residents. 1 Fellow presented a research poster. 12 residents presented research posters and 8 students presented posters as the first author/presenter. Of the 8 research posters by students, 5 were by USF students and 4 of those contained resident and attending authors or investigators.USF Medical Student Claire Dalby, MS2 won best medical student poster which was conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Enola Okonkwo with the help of resident leaders/investigators Dr. Courtland Samuel, Dr. Alex Breslin and Dr. Autumn Bass.Way to go Claire!!!
Claire Dalby, MS2, discusses her award winning poster with EM Division Chief, Dr. David Orban
Claire Dalby, MS2, discusses her award winning poster with Research Session Judges
Evaluation of Arrhythmia Detection Rates Among Patients with Syncope or Palpitations Discharged from the Emergency Department with Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Device. Claire Dalby, MS2; Naveen Perisetla, MS2; Courtland Samuels, MD, PGY-3; Alexander Breslin, MD, PGY-3; Autumn Bass, DO, PGY-2; Christopher Popiolek, MS2; Enola Okonkwo, MD
PGY-3 USF EM Residents Courtland Samuels and Alex Breslin in front of the Arrhythmia poster
Dr. Courtland Samuels, PGY-3, accepts the best medical student research poster award on behalf of Claire Dalby, MS2 for the arrhythmia project he has worked very hard to coordinate, help design and keep running!
Dr. Daniel Mbom, PGY-2, CPC Chair Dr. Jennifer Jackson, and Dr. Lorena Martinez, PGY-2 at the CPC
Jay Shah next to the scooter poster
Theo Sher attempting not to become part of the scooter injury data set by sticking to an imaginary scooter
Analysis of injury patterns related to standing electric scooters at a Level-1 Trauma center Emergency Department in an urban area. Theo Sher MS2, Jay Shah, MS3; Andrew Thomas, MD; Emily Holbrook, MA, PhD Student; Jason Wilson, MD
Jack Jimenez, MS2 and Andre Elder, MS2, discuss their poster considering the lived experiences and viewpoints of participants with non-fatal gunshot wounds with session judges
Jack Jimenez, MS2 and Andre Elder, MS2, in front of their poster.
Comparison of acute versus previous gunshot wound patients’ views on firearms. Jack Jimenez, MS2; Paul Webb MS2; Andre Elder MS2; Jason Wilson, MD; Roberta Baer, PhD
Ayesha Anwar, MS2 discusses her poster considering social determinants of health and opioid use disorder with EM Division Chief, Dr. David Orban
Social Determinants of Health and Opioid Use Disorder. Ayesha Anwar, MS2, Emily Holborok, MA, PhD Student; Jason W. Wilson, MD
Thomas Shen, MS2 stands in front of his poster analyzing equivocal HIV results in the ED next to Dr. Jason Wilson
Factors differentiating False Positive and Acute Positive Equivocal Fourth Generation HIV serum test results at the Tampa General Hospital Emergency Department. Thomas Shen,MS2; Zachary Whiteman; Emily Holbrook, MA, PhD Student; Jason Wilson, MD
Dr. David Orban, PGY-93, accepted the Case Presentation Competition participation plaque on behalf of USF Emergency Medicine residents, Dr. Lorena Martinez, PGY-2 and Dr. Daniel Mbom, PGY-2
Dr. Courtland Samuels (L) and Dr. David Orban (R) stand with awards for best medical student poster (Claire Dalby, MS2) and participation in the CPC (Dr. Lorena Martinez and Dr. Daniel Mbom)
Below, Claire Dalby, MS2 and Dr. Enola Okonkwo stand next to Claire’s award winning poster on ED based ambulatory arrhythmia monitoring
Congrats to everyone for participating and showing off the great work and people at USF!
See you next year at Symposium!

Author: Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP

Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP is an emergency physician, academic healthcare leader and medical anthropologist with an interest in developing patient-centered pathways that are medically efficacious but also consider the role of structural and cultural forces in determining health inequities and disparities.